How does vLoyalty work?

vLoyalty is an innovative and easy way to earn loyalty points and rewards with your favorite merchants. No one likes arriving at the retailer or restaurant and realizing that you've forgotten your loyalty punch card, coupon, or loyalty reward. And downloading a loyalty App is a hassle. vLoyalty tracks your points and rewards automatically with your enrolled payment card (e.g. debit or credit card, Visa, MasterCard). No more paper, no more hassle! Just pay with your enrolled card and vLoyalty automatically tracks your points and redeems rewards for you.

That's why we say: Effortless Rewards!

How do I earn points and redeem vLoyalty Rewards?

With vPromos, you earn points and rewards at participating vLoyalty merchants, effortlessly when you pay with your own, enrolled payment card - no special loyalty cards or paper coupons required! We make it easy and convenient for you to earn rewards from your favorite vLoyalty participating businesses. You never need to hassle with that coupon drawer again or remember to use that punch card buried in your wallet.

Can I pick which merchants I want to use vLoyalty for?

No. Merchants sign up for vLoyalty to make loyalty easy for their customers. You can only use vLoyalty at participating merchants.

What is a vLoyalty offer?

vLoyalty merchant sets up the rules for earning points and redeeming rewards. For instance, a loyalty offer might be for every dollar you spend, you earn a point, and after you earn 100 point, you get a $5 reward. You can find the merchant’s vLoyalty offer by texting status to 26173 or going to the merchant’s Facebook vLoyalty page.

How do I earn points?

Every time you pay with an enrolled payment card vLoyalty automatically keeps track of your merchant vLoyalty points and rewards earned. After earning the required numbers of points to earn a reward, can send you a text confirmation of the points you earned.

How do I redeem a reward?

vLoyalty will text after you earn a merchant vLoyalty reward and advise you of any limitations such as minimum spend or expiration date. So before your vLoyalty reward expires, shop the way you normally do, spend the minimum, pay with your enrolled card, and boom, your vLoyalty reward is automatically deducted from your total purchase instantly! You will see the reward discount taken off on the receipt and get a text confirmation.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy! There are a couple of ways you can sign up: At a participating vLoyalty Merchant location:

Just pay with a payment card. If that payment card is not enrolled, the loyalty engagement (payment) terminal will ask you to join and agree to terms and conditions. If you agree, enter your mobile phone number right on the terminal screen, press the agree button and that is it; you are enrolled.

You may also enroll at the Merchant’s vLoyalty Facebook page.

What if I lose my payment card?

No worries. The next time you pay with your different payment card, you will be asked to enroll again. Just provide your mobile number and your new payment card will be linked with your vLoyalty program.

I have more than one payment card. Will I be enrolled multiple times?

No. The next time you pay with your different payment card, you will be asked to enroll again. Just provide your mobile number and your new payment card will be linked with your vLoyalty program. You can link up to 5 payment cards to your merchant’s vLoyalty program.

Does vLoyalty work with other payment systems like cash or Apple Pay?

Currently, the vLoyalty works with credit card transactions only. Cash transactions do not earn points. As for Apple Pay . … …

Do I have to provide my mobile number every time to earn points?

No. If you pay with an enrolled payment card, you will automatically earn points. Only if you pay with an unenrolled card will you be asked for your mobile number.

What if I change my mobile number?

This does not happen often. Please email support@vPromos.com and we will link your accounts.

I hate Apps. Must I download a vLoyalty App?

No. We hate Apps too. There is no vLoyalty App. You don’t need one. We track your vLoyalty with your payment card and notify you of your status via text.

How do I keep up with my vLoyalty status?

There are a couple ways to keep up with your status. If you have a Facebook account, you can go to the merchant’s Facebook vLoyalty page and sign in with your mobile phone number there. At the merchant’s Facebook vLoyalty page, you can monitor how many points you have earned, points needed for the next reward, dollars saved to date, loyalty transaction history, and more.

If you do not have a Facebook account, you can keep up with your status by reading your merchant vLoyalty text messages. These messages usually keep you informed. Or you may text “status” to 26173.

If I sign-up for one Merchant's Rewards Program am I automatically enrolled in all vPromos Merchant Rewards Programs?

No. You must enroll for each merchant program individually. Each merchant has different offers and terms and conditions.

Can I increase the minimum spend amount by adding a tip?

No, you cannot. The purchase amount must be over the minimum spend amount before the tip is added to redeem or earn your vLoyalty Reward.

What if I don’t want to give you my mobile number. And I don’t want you to track my vLoyalty with my payment card. Can I still earn vLoyalty rewards?

No. vLoyalty is designed to make it easy for vLoyalty members to earn points and redeem rewards. We are collecting information and data from your transactions with the vLoyalty merchant. To see what we are doing with the data, look at our Privacy Statement. Your privacy may be worth more than the merchant vLoyalty reward, and if that is the case, and we respect that, don’t participate in the vLoyalty program. In fact, that advice would be true for most loyalty programs.


What is an Offer?

An Offer is a discount for a specific merchant, virtually attached to and redeemed with a member's registered credit/debit card, at the payment terminal and in real-time.

How do I get an Offer?

A merchant may send Offers for special occasions, birthdays, and other events.

How do I redeem an Offer?

Just shop at the merchant and pay with your registered payment card (spending over the required minimum spend amount) and the Offer will be automatically subtracted from the purchase amount and will show on the receipt as a Reward.

My Card Information

Do you store my credit or debit card number?

We do not store any credit/debit card information.

Can I use multiple cards to earn Points and redeem Rewards?

Absolutely! We highly recommend that you do! You earn Points and Rewards any time a registered card is used at a participating vPromos merchant. Simply provide your mobile phone number when you pay with a new card.

My Offers and Rewards

Why didn't my Reward redeem?

First, confirm the following:

  • You used a credit or debit card that is registered to your account
  • You spent the minimum purchase amount to redeem the reward
  • The Reward has not expired

If you met all the above requirements and did not receive a Reward or Point, please contact us at support@vpromos.com.

Why didn't I get a Point?

First, confirm the following:

  • You used a credit or debit card that is registered to your account
  • You spent the minimum purchase amount to earn a Point

If you met all the above requirements and did not receive a Reward or Point, please contact us at support@vpromos.com.

I just joined vLoyalty, can I add my previous purchases to my account?

Unfortunately, no. We can only track your progress AFTER you've joined a merchant vLoyalty program.

How do I manage my notification preferences?

You can opt out of marketing text messages from vPromos at any time. To opt out of the text message features of our programs, send a text message with the word "STOP" to 26173 from the mobile phone number associated with your vPromos Program account. Once you opt out, you will not receive any additional text messages unless you re-enroll. Should you need help, just text “HELP” to 26173. If you need further assistance, email us at support@vpromos.com.

How do I redeem my reward?

Spend like normal with your payment card. If you have an active reward with a participating vPromos merchant, simply go to the merchant and spend the minimum spend amount or above to redeem the reward.

Do Merchant Rewards expire?

Yes, when a Reward is earned and not redeemed, there is an expiration date set by the merchant.

Do I have to use my Reward on my next purchase?

Yes, Merchant’s Rewards are automatically redeemed and cannot be combined.

What is the difference between a Reward and an Offer?

A Reward is earned for following the rules and conditions of being a loyal customer to the merchant, like earn 100 points and get a $5 Reward. An Offer is unrelated to the rules of the vLoyalty program. An Offer may be for a % off your next purchase, may be dollar off limited to a time of day, may be a points multiplier based upon the day or anything else that may be imagined.